Building Committee

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“The mission of the Lebo Baptist Church Building Committee is to identify facility needs, create a plan to address those needs, and implement the approved plan to completion.”

Then the committee builds upon our mission statement under each category above.

  1. Identify.
  2. Tour full facilities and grounds. Understand property lines.
  3. Complete a full needs assessment by understanding the church mission and align any facility projects with activities and future needs of church.
  4. Survey entire church body on their thoughts, wishes and wants for the future of the Lebo Baptist Church.
  5. Understand all zones, ordinances and any limitations to new construction.
  6. Understanding of church mission and align any new or remodel of facilities to be in line with activities and future needs.
  7. Adhere to the bylaws and financial plan of the church.
  8. Evaluate.
  9. Compare the desires of the church body to the useable space in the existing facility and identify gaps.
  10. Full scope and cost of remodels and renovations versus cost of new construction that can align with the vision of future space of the church.
  11. Utilize experts in the field of real estate, engineering of old and new construction, architectures and rely heavily on technology to complete our report.
  12. Evaluate results and the monetary needs to complete the plan.
  13. Report all findings to the Deacons and Trustees of the church. We will present our findings formally to the members of the church.
  14. Oversee.
  15. Oversee the project approved by the church body to completion complying with the current International Building Code family..


Jeff Grimmett 620-340-3434

Martin Jones 620-481-9836

Annette Knight 620-340-5393

Bryon Rosine 785-221-0317

Jack Taylor 620-341-7669

Juanita White 620-340-5561

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