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*CURRENT* Constitution & Bylaws



Article I

Name and Affiliation

Section 1- Name: This church, duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Kansas, shall be known as the Lebo Baptist Church.

Section 2- Affiliation: This church shall be affiliated with the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region, and the American Baptist Churches in the USA.

The church recognizes the necessity of united denominational action, as well as the obligations of mutual counsel and cooperation among Baptist fellowship with the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region Cooperate with the local Council of Churches.


Article II

Statement of Faith and Purpose

Section 1- Statement of Faith: This church receives the Scriptures as its authority in matters of faith and practice. Central to its message is Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man, who trough his life, death and resurrection provides forgiveness of sin and a new relationship for us with God and with our fellowman. John 5:39; II Timothy 3:15-17; I Peter 1:21.

Section 2- Purpose: To be living community of faith, glorifying our Lord and Creator, continuing His work, after the example of His Son, Jesus Christ. Acts 2:42, 46, 47; John 17:20, 21


Article III


Section 1- Government: The government of this church is vested in the body of believers who compose it. It controls the admission, disciplining and removal of its members according to its own understanding of the Word of God. It is answerable to no ecclesiastical body except by its own consent.


Article IV


Section 1- Qualifications: Any person professing faith in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, who is in accord with faith and practices held by admitted to membership.

Section 2- Reception of members: Persons may be received into membership by any of four methods, as may be appropriate, upon recommendation of the Pastor and/or the Diaconate, and the vote of the church.

  1. By Baptism: Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ may be received into this church upon baptism by immersion.
  2. By Letter: By letter of transfer from another church of like faith and order. Members of other evangelical churches, having been previously baptized by immersion may be received into this church body.
  3. By Christian Experience: Any believer, having been previously baptized by immersion, may be received upon satisfactory statement of Christian Faith and experience.
  4. Special Membership: Anyone applying for membership with special health and /or handicapped reasons would be accepted upon the approval of the Diaconate.

Section 3- Duties of members: Active members would be expected to be faithful in all spiritual duties essential to the Christian life, to attend habitually the services of the church, to give regularly for its support and benevolences, and to share in its organized work therefore allowing them voting privileges.

Section 4- Dismissal of Members: Membership in this church may be terminated upon recommendation of the Pastor, the Diaconate, and by a vote of the church in any of the following ways:

  1. By Letter: Members in good standing may, upon application, be dismissed to unite with some other church designated in the application. All church letters shall be sent by the Clerk of this church to the Pastor or Clerk of the church designated. A certificate of membership shall be granted for members whose names are on the inactive membership list.
  2. By Request: If a member wishes to withdraw from the church, his name upon recommendation to the church by the Diaconate shall be removed.
  3. Special Dismissal: Special cases of dismissal would be taken into consideration, by the Pastor and/or Diaconate and by the vote of the church.

Section 5- Discipline of Members: When a member has been inactive for a period of 6 (six) months, without manifesting any interest there in by attending services, communicating with the church, and contributing to its support, the church may upon recommendation by the Diaconate, transfer his name to the “Inactive Membership List”. Consideration for such action shall be made only after 3 (three) calls have been made to encourage and assist in a renewal of the covenant relationship. This procedure shall have no application if the absence, delinquency, or stewardship is excused by the Pastor and/or the Diaconate on account of illness, lack of income or other reasonable cause.

  1. Inactive Membership List: Persons whose names are on the Inactive Resident Membership List shall not be counted or reported as members, may not have part in church business meetings, and may not
  2. Restoration: Any person whose name has been placed on the Inactive Membership List who renews his active walk with the church and the fulfillment of his covenant obligations may be restored to action membership by vote of the Diaconate without further action of the church.



Officers of the Church

Section 1- The Officers of the Church Shall be:

The Pastor

Church Moderator and Assistant

Chairman of the Diaconate

Members of the Diaconate


Church Clerk

Treasurer and Assistant

Sunday School Superintendent and Assistant

All of whom must be members in good standing of the church.

Section 2- Election: The Officers of the church shall be elected for a period of 1 (one) year, and shall be eligible for re-election unless it is noted otherwise n another section of the By-Laws.

Section 3- Term of Service and Classifications: All officers, with the exception of the Pastor, shall be elected at the December Business meeting upon the submission of their names by the nominating committee and the officers of nomination from the floor at that time, and will take office on the beginning of the official church new year, January 1.

Section 4- Duties of Officers:

  1. Pastor: It shall be the duty of the Pastor to preach the Word of God and perform other duties usually associated with the office in accordance with the Holy Bible and Baptist Tradition, devoting himself and his time to the service of the church. He shall watch over himself and his flock; visiting as far as his time permits, all the members of his church, youth of the congregation in the Holy Scriptures. When a member moves a church membership of like faith in that place. At every Annual Meeting he shall submit a written report of his work. The Pastor shall be an ex-office member of all boards and committees.
  2. Chairman of the Diaconate: The Chairman of the Diaconate shall be President of this church corporation. He shall preside at meetings of the Diaconate and shall advise newly elected officers and committees of their duties.
  3. Church Clerk: The Church Clerk, who may also be known as the church secretary or corporation secretary, shall keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings of the membership, and shall maintain accurate membership rolls and complete listing of all church letters of dismissal and shall perform such other duties as the Pastor and/or Diaconate may direct to take steps to inform members of important business to come before the church. In addition, the Church Clerk shall be the official communicator of the church.
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep a weekly record of all deposits, receipts and disbursements of the general fund. He shall deposit the receipts to the credit of the church, and shall make a report when called upon at the monthly business meeting. He shall have custody of the general funds of the Church, and shall disburse same by vote of the Church. He shall keep an account of his receipts, expenditures, and all of his transactions as Treasurer in conformity with accepted bookkeeping practices. The bookkeeper shall advise other boards and committees of purchasing procedures and budgeted items. The receipts of all memorial funds shall be reported to the business meeting. Assistant Treasurer will assume the duties of Treasurer n absence of the Treasurer.
  5. Sunday School Superintendent: The Sunday School Superintendent, in conjunction with the Board of Christian Education, will be responsible for the direction of the Sunday school, including the selection and appointment of the Sunday school departmental Superintendents, teachers, and the coordinator of Vacation Bible School. The Assistant Sunday School Superintendent will assume the duties of Sunday School Superintendent in absence of the Sunday School Superintendent.
  6. Moderator: It shall be the duty of the Church Moderator to preside at all business meetings of the Church and to appoint such committees as the church may instruct this person to appoint. In the absence of the Church Moderator the Assistant Moderator, the Chairperson of the Diaconate, or the Chairperson of the Trustees shall preside. The Assistant Moderator will assume the duties of Moderator in the absence of the Moderator.

Section 5- The Board of Trustees:

    1. Meetings: The Board of Trustees shall meet regularly at a time determined by that body and in special meetings called by its Chairperson.
    2. Membership and General Duties: This board shall consist of 5 (five) members elected by the Church at large. The board shall receive and hold for the use of the church all estate, real and personal, which at any time becomes the property of the church upon the vote of the membership, shall keep the properties in repair, and shall exercise supervision over all matters relating to the operation and maintenance of the church property, including the placing of adequate insurance against fire, casualty, liability, etc., and shall authorize the payments of all expenditures incurred for the carrying out of the general work of the church within the budget. If such expenditures are in excess of $500.00 (five hundred) and are not items within the budget, the church shall be informed and action taken to protect the property. No mortgage may be placed upon the property by the board, nor shall any portion of it be sold, without the vote of the church. The Board of Trustees shall see that all Church property, both real and personal, is inventoried, maintain tax exempt status, and attend to such other legal matters as might properly come to their attention. The Board of Trustees shall also be responsible for the employment of the custodian and shall furnish a written list of job duties, and if there should be a need for a church office secretary he/she would be hired by the board.


Article VI


This Constitution may be amended at any business meeting in accordance with Article III, Section 2 of the BY-LAWS, provided that the proposed amendment has been recommended by the Diaconate or is presented by petition of the last twenty members. Due notice is to be given that such action is to be introduced at such meeting. Due notice shall consist of public announcement from the Pulpit at each regular Worship service on not less than 1 (one) Sunday immediately prior to the date of meeting.


Article VII

Effective Date and Action

This Constitution shall take effect after its adoption by the church and shall supersede and render null and void all previous constitutions of the Church not in accordance with this constitution.

Adopted by Lebo Baptist Church this First day of January, 1992.




Article I

The Board of the Church

Section 1- Organization of Boards and Committees: All members of all Boards and Committees must be active church members in good standing to hold Church Offices. All Boards and Committees shall meet and organize within 1 (one) month of their election. All Boards and Committees shall meet in open session except when called to executive (or closed) session by the chairperson or Moderator. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum. Note: It will be permissible to serve on more than 1 (one) Board.

Section 2- Duties of the Diaconate: The Diaconate shall be responsible for the management of the spiritual affairs of the church, but subject to the authority of the membership of the church as expressed, generally, in Article III of the Constitution. In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, the Diaconate shall be and act, in all respects, as the Board of Directors of this Corporation. Whenever in these By-Laws and elsewhere, the term Deacon appears, it shall be deemed to mean “Director”.

The Diaconate shall share with the Pastor the responsibility for the spiritual welfare of the church, the administration of the ordinances, the application of Article III of the Constitution, and carrying out the purpose of the church as stated in Article II of the Constitution. This would include making responsible suggestions for the improvement of the pastoral ministry. The diaconate shall be responsible for providing for the pastoral ministry in the absence of the Pastor or during pastoral vacancy.

Section 3- Term of Service Classification: The Diaconate Shall consist of duly elected deacons. It should be noted that the term “deacon” is not restrictive, but includes women as well.

  1. The elected Diaconate shall be 5 (five), 7 (seven), or 9 (nine) and shall be chosen from the men and women of the church.
  2. They shall be elected by the church membership for terms of 3 (three) years each on a rotating basis.
  3. Any member of the Board shall be eligible for re-election after having served one full term of three years or the major part thereof.

Section 4- Appeals to the Board of Deacons: Any member of the church may appeal, in person or in writing to the Diaconate concerning the action or decision of any officer or committee.

Section 5- Appeals to the Membership from Decisions of the Board: Any member aggrieved by any decision of the Diaconate, shall first bring his appeal to the Board and then, if necessary, to the membership at a special meeting of the membership, providing notice is given as required in Article 3, Section 2a. The decision of the membership shall be final.

Section 6- Vacancies in Office: Should any officer fail to perform the duties pertaining to the office for a period of three consecutive months, the Board is empowered to recommend to the church that the office be declared vacant. All officers shall in case of resignation or forfeiture, serve until their successors are installed.

Section 7- Board of Christian Education: The Board of Christian Education shall meet regularly once each quarter at a time determined by that body and in special meetings as called by its chairperson.

  1. Membership and General Duties:
    1. Sunday School Superintendent
    2. Sunday School Secretary
    3. Librarian
    4. Teachers or representatives of each group.
  2. General Duties

It shall be the duty of the Board of Christian Education to plan and carry into action the various educational programs in the life of the church. The Board shall have the responsibility of approving or disapproving any Teacher candidates for Sunday school classes. Each teacher shall be a member of the church.

    1. Sunday School Superintendent:

The Sunday School Superintendent shall be the Chairperson of the Board of Christian Education. This chairperson shall encourage the interest and participation in conventions, rallies, assemblies, and camping programs. This person shall be responsible for planning Leadership Training classes.

    1. Sunday School Secretary:

The Secretary shall record the reports from the Sunday school classes and post the totals on the report board. The secretary shall keep the enrollment list for the Sunday school up to date.

    1. Librarian:

The Librarian shall order materials for the Sunday school and shall place them in the proper departments. The librarian should be informed of new materials as they become available and be able to give information concerning them. This person shall be in charge of the library.

    1. Teacher:

In the case of absence, each teacher is to advise the Superintendent of Sunday School of a vacancy and/or for securing a substitute teacher for the approved list of the Board of Education or advising the superintendent of such vacancy.

Section 8- Remaining Church Officers: The following officers shall be elected at the December business meeting upon submission of their names by the nominating committee and shall take office on the beginning of the official church new year, January 1 (one).

  1. Budget Committee: The Budget Committee shall consist of 3 (three) members. The Budget Committee Chairperson shall submit the proposed annual Budget to the November business meeting, which will be voted on at the December business meeting.
  2. Ushers and Greeters: The Chief Usher and Greeters, in cooperation with each other shall be in charge of welcoming the congregation at worship services. They shall also see that all materials are restored to order after worship services.
      1. The Chief Usher is to notify the other ushers before the church service of who will be receiving the offering.
      2. The main Greeter shall be responsible for having one person available each Sunday morning to act as greeter at the door. This person would also be responsible for acquiring the names of visitors, the list to be handed to the Pastor or the Lay Leader before the services. Greeter will distribute the Bulletins.
  3. Social Committee: Social Committee Chairperson, in cooperation with Social Committee shall arrange room and meals for guests of the church and be in charge of all church fellowship meals and socials.
  4. Floral Committee: The Floral Committee shall consist of 2 (two) members. This committee, upon notification, shall purchase a rosebud for each new addition to a resident family, a floral contribution to a memorial in the event of a death in a church member’s immediate family: to provide a floral gift upon the hospitalization of a member.
  5. Nominating Committee: The Nomination Committee of 5 (five) is appointed by the Church Moderator at the October business meeting. They are to meet together to select the candidates for the church officers, contact the same, and submit the candidates for their respective offices to the business meeting in December.
  6. Cradle Roll Superintendent: The Cradle Roll Superintendent is to contact the families with new additions as soon after they arrive as possible, enrolling the child on the Cradle Roll, presenting them with a white testament, and other available literature.
  7. Minister of Music: The Minister of Music, working with the Pastor, shall have general supervision of the music program of the church. They shall have general care and selection of the music supplies. Also, they shall call to the Trustee’s attention any needed maintenance or repairs of musical instruments. They shall be in charge of choir and all special music for warship occasions. It would also be their responsibility to secure replacement in case of absence.
  8. Church Reporter: The church Reporter shall be in charge of the Church notices for the local newspaper and be responsible for any other publicity as the occasion should arise.

Article II

Pastor and Pastoral Relations

Section 1- Qualifications:

The Pastor shall be a regularly ordained or licensed Baptist minister whose credentials are recognized by the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region, or one who has the qualification for ordination or licensing.

The Church shall call as Pastor only such men as have had the experience of the New Birth and accept the Bible, Old and New Testaments, as the Word of God. He should conduct himself as an upholding Christian example in manner and in all phases of life in the home, the church, and the community.

Section 2- Election and Terms of Office:

The Pastor shall be elected for an indefinite time. A calling agreement shall be agreed upon by the church and the Pastor. The calling agreement may be terminated by mutual consent or by written notice given 30 (thirty) days in advance by the Pastor or 30 (thirty) days in advance upon the recommendation of the Diaconate and by vote of the membership. Failure to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws or pastoral agreement would warrant dismissal upon demand by the recommendation from the Diaconate and the vote of the church.

Section 3- Establishment of Relationship:

  1. Pulpit Committee

In the Event of a vacancy in the pastorate, a Pulpit Committee of 7 (seven) members shall be approved by the church, also 3 (three) alternates. This committee shall be composed of: Chairman of the Diaconate, 2 (two) members of the Diaconate, a member of the Staff of the Sunday school, a man and woman from the church membership and 1 (one) trustee. All must be members in good standing in the church. All of the above appointments shall be approved by the church.

This committee shall, after a careful study, recommend a candidate who is a regularly ordained or licensed Baptist minister or one who has the qualifications for ordination, or licensing.

  1. The committee shall be convened by the Chairperson of the Diaconate, who shall be member thereof, and it shall elect its own chairperson and secretary.
  2. When the committee is ready to propose a prospective pastor, it shall present at a special called meeting, the following information:
    1. The name and qualification of the prospective pastor.
    2. The date and time of the meeting of the church at which time the proposal of the Pulpit Committee will be acted upon.

This information shall be announced at least one week before the committee formally presents the prospective pastor to the church for its consideration, and action.

  1. The committee in cooperation with the Diaconate shall make arrangements for interim pastoral service.
  2. The calling of a pastor shall be by recommendation of the pulpit committee to the Diaconate, and to members at a business meeting with vote by secret ballot by majority of those active members present.
    1. Quorum: The Active Members present shall constitute a quorum.
    2. Procedure: Procedure in business meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order
    3. A Business meeting may be held immediately following any regular worship service. Such a business meeting shall be deemed a regular meeting of the membership, and any business may be transacted thereat, provided only that the transaction is not in conflict with any other provision of these By-Laws.
    4. The Annual Meeting of the church shall be held on the first Wednesday in January for the purpose of reading annual reports, and transacting any other business that may properly come before this meeting. The Pastor, all officers of the church, the Diaconate, and committees shall give written reports at the Annual Meeting, concerning their activities.

Section 3- Eligible Voters: Only Active members (as defined in Article IV-Section 5 of the Constitution) shall be eligible to vote on any question presented at a business meeting. Wherever action is called for by the church or by the congregation, such terms shall mean action by the Active Members of the Church.

All Active Members of the church may vote on matters presented to the church except that on matters pertaining to the purchase, sale, or mortgaging of property, or on matters pertaining to changes of denominational relationship, the voting age shall be of legal age, 18 (eighteen) years.

Section 4- Voting: Except for routine matters, all voting of the membership shall be by ballot. However, this procedure may be waived by unanimous



Article IV

Auxiliary Organization

The Church regards as integral parts of itself all organizations formed for the purpose of carrying out any of the church activities. Any organization formed that fails to work in harmony with the church would be disbanded, according to the rules and regulations of the practices of the church.


Article V


Section 1- Policy: The financial policy of this church, and of all auxiliary organizations, is predicated upon personal, voluntary giving as an act of worship. Annual pledges, if necessary, shall be solicited on this basis. However, additional free-will offerings may be taken by permission of the Diaconate.

Section 2- Budget: At the December business meeting, the Church, after receiving the report from the Budget Committee, said report having been approved earlier by the Diaconate, shall adopt a unified budget for the ensuing fiscal year.

  1. The budget shall include all expenditures of the church, and the sum of all appropriations shall not exceed the income which is to be reasonably expected.
  2. The budget shall be prepared in three general classifications: Current Expense Fund, American Baptist World Mission Fund and Related Benevolences, and Building Fund. Each general classification shall be subdivided into items sufficient to show the various purposes for which appropriations are made, and the Board committee, or officer authorized to incur liabilities against each appropriation.

Section 3- Expenditures: Appropriations up to $500.00 (five hundred) are to be expended under the direction of the Board of Trustees. Money shall not be expended, nor liability incurred, beyond the amount appropriated in the budget without specific authorization by the church.


Article VI

Construction and Interpretation

It is intended that the ecclesiastical and temporal power of the church and corporation be positively integrated into one unit, to wit, a religious corporation having a single membership and governed by a single Board of Directors known as the Diaconate, and that this Article shall be controlling, and that all other provisions of these Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws be construed and interpreted in accordance with the intention herein expressed, and to that end, whenever used herein, the term “church” shall include the corporate as well as the ecclesiastical body, and the term “corporation” shall include the term “church”.


Article VII

Use of Church Property

The use of the building and equipment shall be governed by Church Policy established by the Diaconate and approved by the Church.

The church sanctuary should be held in reverence and therefore those who use it be asked to refrain from eating, playing loud secular music, and from engaging in any activity which would not show reverence to our Lord. Each user of any of the church property is asked to be conservative and to consider their own responsibility and help keep the premises with pride; also practicing thrift with the usage of electricity, air-conditioning, heat and to leave the church property in proper order.

Article IX


These By-Laws may be amended at any business meeting by a majority of the members present, provided that the proposed amendment and notice of the meeting shall be published in the official church paper one week in advance. No By-Law shall be adopted or amended in such a way as to conflict with or void any provision of the Constitution.


Article X

Effective Dale and Action

These By-Laws shall take effect after their adoption by the church, and shall supersede and render null and void all previous By-Laws and customs of the church not in accordance with these By-Laws.

Adopted by Lebo Baptist Church this First day of January, 1992.