2020 Church Officers

Worship leader:  Mike Bray        Assistant:  Annette Knight

Deacons:  Marc Rogers/Dwight Kistner (1year to serve)  Terry Thomas (2years to serve)  Marilyn Wallace & Tiffany Reed (3years to serve)

Trustees:  Greg Sloan, Bryon Rosine, Jack Taylor, Patt Bray & Vicki Rosine

Church Treasurer:  Bonnie Christiansen     Assistant:  Glenda Jarvis

Finance/Budge Committee:  Juanita White (chair), Bonnie Christiansen, Bryon Rosine

Church Clerk:  Kim Smith            Assistant:  Vicki Rosine

Church Moderator:  Juanita White

Music Ministry:  Vicki Rosine, Mike Bray, Patt Bray, Elie Odum, Martin Jones, Judy Shoemaker, Annette Knight

Mission Advocate:  Leanna Thomas, Marc Rogers & Heather Rogers

Sunday School Secretary/Treasurer:  Leanna Thomas          Assistant:  Kelsey Meyer

Greeters:  Deacons

Church Host/Hostess:  Jim and Marilyn Wallace

Computers:  Shannon & Sam Kiefer, Annette Knight, Mark Miller, Chris & Theresa Whalen

Bulletin:  Kim Smith                Assistant:  Mackenzie Smith

Head Usher:  Terry Thomas

Event Committee:  Leanna Thomas, Chris Kistner, Marilyn Wallace, Kim Smith

Maintenance Supervisor:  John Johnson

Card Ministry:  Corinne Edwards

Benevolence Treasurer:  Chris Kistner

Communion Ministry:  Patt Bray         Assistant:  Leanna Thomas & Juanita White

Submitted by Nominating Committee:  Juanita White, Leanna Thomas, Terry Thomas, Tiffany Reed & Chris Kistner

  January 2021  
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